Do you have back pain like 80% of the US? I was told that I needed spinal fusion surgery in 2010 and spinal replacement surgery 6 years later in 2016. 

With simple exercises, no gym and no equipment, and only 10 minutes a day I have healed my body in full.   




"I have been training with Keith since June 2014.  I could not have been paired up with a better trainer.  When we started training togetherI was considered obeseyet Keith never treated me that way.  He designed workouts that I was physically able to do yet pushed me to my limits.  Even though I was pushed to my limits physically, could not do another rep if I tried, I was never sore the day after.  He is always positive and encouraging. Keith is also great at explaining which muscles you are working and how it is impacting your body [...]  I would recommend Keith as a trainer to anyone who is willing to do the work it takes to get healthier."



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Progressively overload your muscles to ensure the safest and most effective way to build muscular strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and fitness related skills. 

"The present moment is a gift, open it."

Welcome to health vitalization.

Organic Fitness (OGFIT)


The many factors than influence health will be spoken about in detail.  Personal support to find out any perceived limiting factor that prevents you from obtaining optimal health. 

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One on One education to understand how to create a simple meal.  Learn how to harvest your own local food so you can enjoy life's freshest ingredients. Plenty of documentary & article suggestions to assist you in your nutrition transition.

Organic Fitness and BlessedLove Herbs

Support Local Farmers and Reap the Health Benefits! Fresh Moringa is available for $10 a pound in Hollywood, FL! Schedule a Visit to enjoy "The Miracle Tree" harvested specifically for you within minutes from Lions Den Beyond Organic Food Forest.

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"​Organic Fitness with Keith Lopez was a phenomenal experience for myself and my teenage son.  We worked out together for the entire summer; three times a week. You can see the definition in our upper and lower body, as well as noticeable strengthening of the core .

Keith designed a daily routine especially for us.   Kept us motivated throughout the entire time, even on days off the exercise routine.

His is vastly knowledgable in anatomy, physiology, and nutrition. Takes the time to explain everything and is just overall great person." -Olga Gavrilenko

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